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You Ask, I Design



For a testing period I offer 'You ask, I design'

How does this concept work?


First of all: never just pay before you contacted me about your cutter design and its approved and we know the price! This is important because I will not give your money back if I can't approve your design, you will get a voucher!


Step 1:  Think what you want me to design and look for a look a like picture of make a drawing. Also knowing the measurements is important.


Step 2: Contact me per email on contact@sieradenstraatje.nl with your wish, picture and measurements. 


Step 3: We discuss your design, we talk about the time frame, how much it will cost you and if its a design what i can use for the shop (than you only pay a regular shop price and we mention your name if desired), or a personal design. And how further.


Step 4: When your design is approved I will let you know which amount you can pay (easy, moderate or complicated amount)


Step 5: Buy your design amount in the shop and don't forget to mention which design I'm making for you in the comment field


Thats it!