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Dark Blue Stone

€ 1,95

This digital recipe includes a list of colour ingredients and a guide to mixing and measuring your colors successfully.

After your purchase, the digital recipe will be send to you in the languages Dutch and English within 24 hours per email, or the same day that the rest of your order is send. No sending costs will be calculated unless you also bought physical products at our shop.

This colour is made using only 4 (or less) FIMO soft ingredients and with those ingredients you make ALL the colour recipes from Sieradenstraatje

Ingredients colour recipes Sieradenstraatje:

FIMO soft Lemon Yellow (nr 10)

FIMO soft Pacific Blue (nr 37)

FIMO soft Cherry Red (nr 26)

FIMO soft White (nr 0)

I hope you enjoy mixing this beautiful colour! If you like, tag me @sieradenstraatje, would love to see what you made. Any questions, send me a message, I'm there for you to help!